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B2F Girls Roundtable

A Move to Stop Girl on Girl Violence

Floyd Building (Floyd Room 20th Floor West Tower) - 200 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, GA

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This meeting is designed to catalyze action across the country in support of girls in, or at risk of being involved in girl on girl violence. In particular, we will focus on building the capacity of existing girl alliances/coalitions, and supporting the development of new ones. Additional topics will include the new role and priorities of B2FG, working together to craft a toolkit to support those who work with girls, and shaping new opportunities and resources.

B2F Girls will be heading to the GA State Capitol to lead a Roundtable discussion on empowering girls to be leaders who are equipped to handle conflict in a non-violent manner.

The roundtable environment allows for input from many experts with varying perspectives and produces new thinking that challenges existing best practices. Everyone in attendance will get some level of consultation as they learn from both the moderators and the participants

The purpose of the B2F Girls Roundtable is to receive unexpected valuable information. You will likely hear about problems that you haven't faced yet, but will in the future. Although you may not be aware of an issue yet, hearing solutions from other professionals will help you plan accordingly. Key qualities of the Roundtable will include an informal discussion, an emphasis on discussion and an active audience role.