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B2F Girls How To Build Your List Course

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"Gimme a break already! I know what to do, I just don't know HOW!!!!"

Sound familiar?

Have you been told that you should keep everyone posted on your events? (AKA, people don't feel connected)

Have you become frustrated with communicating through social media only? (Are you feeling overwhelmed having to post on a FACEBOOK page with little likes or feedback?)

Have you ever wondered how so many people were being reached at one time to attend other people's events? (Is there some memo you didn't receive?)

Would you like to reach people the same way but just don't know how? (Trust me, you don't have to wonder any longer while watching the paint dry...)

The benefits of building an email list are bountiful:
  • It's personal -helps you to build trust
  • It's direct -delivers straight to your audience
  • It's private -opens people up to share, exchange
  • It's expedient -gets the word out faster than Superman!
  • Your network is your net worth!

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